Christchurch rebuild & residential building plan- East Frame

The East Frame Master Plan

A crafted, well designed residential master plan that brings ‘living’ back to the heart of the city. With 910 dwellings to accommodate over 2000 people, East Frame will be a place with something for everyone - young or old, single or with a family.

The East Frame will ensure a strong connection with its surroundings and open, shared spaces that residents will love.
It will create a community that balances the ability to live, work and play.


The East Frame is located in the heart of Christchurch and is within walking distance of major infrastructure and recreational amenities. Coupled with this many eateries and retail outlets provide East Frame residents the opportunity to engage with their ever evolving central city and inner city spaces.

Vibrant living

The East Frame will help create a spirited residential heart for Christchurch. It will protect the familiar while reinterpreting the inner city spaces. It will create environments and experiences where large city blocks become more engaging with a variety of welcoming spaces to discover. Each of the three precincts will have their own unique characteristics – with distinctly different architecture and home designs which will reflect the different lifestyle needs.

To find out more, watch the full length version of Designing for a city by Koos de Keijzer.